New MAG Trailer Rallies the Community

A new gameplay trailer for MAG was released today featuring the best battle cries from the community.

The trailer is the result of a contest that ran last month that asked community members to write inspirational speeches as if they were on the battlefield rallying their troops. The winners (colingb20, Aday111, shenmue360, BioEye, playmartelli, OwNii, Dark_Jester, Bandicoot1980, MoeRonimoe, and Klixx) received prizes and had their speeches immortalized by professional voice actors.

The words of the community spoken throughout the trailer fit well with the game, which focuses on teamwork and communication in its grand 256-player battles.

It’s nice to see this kind of interaction between community and developer. Zipper Interactive has the right idea, especially for a game like this, of getting the community involved early on. It gives us hope that MAG will be a winner when it releases early next year.

via: Playstation Blog EU

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Written by Joe D

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  1. Wow that was one cool video. 😛 Was cool the way ther script was basically wrote by gamers XD

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