Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker TGS 09 Trailer

The Tokyo Game Show is now in full swing and among the many glimpses and teases being flaunted about like pole dancers, comes a new trailer from Kojima Productions of the much anticipated Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker.

The trailer shows off some fantastic graphics by PSP standards which almost start to rival Snake’s PS2 adventures, maintaining the cinematic build up that the series is well known for. There is plenty going on and apart from the slightly blocky textures has lost nothing from the quality of the cut scenes we have come to expect.

The new things being shoved in our faces this time round seem to be setting up the story for the game very nicely. We see a huge army invading Costa Rica and a plea for help to get Snake involved, in a rather lengthy bit of dialogue played over a montage of various military operations, and glimpses of a big robot that we knew would appear somewhere.

The most interesting observation in the video however is a direct contradiction to the most interesting observation in previous videos. We are back to only one Snake again, which makes sense from a narrative point of view, but seems to have surgically removed one of the biggest mysteries surrounding this game. One Snake now appears next to three rather generic looking soldiers as opposed to three other identical Snakes that made us all gasp at E3.

Gameplay wise, nothing new is revealed this time around, but the E3 trailer from June shows the sneaking and stalking that we all know and love from the series stays in one piece. This is certainly a title to keep a close eye on over the next few months and if it stays as impressive as it looks, should be a big hit on the PSP.

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