Star Ocean: The Last Hope TGS 09 Video

Here’s a video from the forthcoming international version of Star Ocean: The Last Hope. Originally only released for the Xbox 360, we get here a glimpse at what PS3 owners have to look forward to. Games in the Star Ocean series are a heady mix of high fantasy and high-tech, with spaceships, pointy-eared folk, magic and that ever popular fantasy staple of cat people all making an appearance.

Though published by Square Enix, Star Ocean games aren’t simply Final Fantasy in space, they eschew turn based battles in favour of real-time direct character control, resulting in a fast paced yet nuanced system that’s a great deal of fun to get to grips with.

Included in the International version will be both English and Japanese voice tracks, which will be a relief to anyone who played the original western release, with its comically bad voice acting.

Star Ocean : The Last Hope International is due for release on the 9th February 2010 and is a PS3 exclusive.

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Written by Michael J

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  1. Pidgeridoo /

    Released 9th Feb?? Would Make An Excellent Addition To My Birhday Presents … Hint

  2. Patrick G /

    Hint… remember my birthdays before yours and I’m a huge Star Ocean fan you bought me the last one 🙂

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