Dawn of War II: The Last Stand released

In a lovely example of a developer adding something to a game post-release for absolutely no money at all, Relic have released a new co-op mode for Dawn of War II.

In The Last Stand you and two friends (or random online people) will play as either the Greenskin Mekboy, the Space Marine Captain or the Eldar Farseer, as they band together to fend off waves of foes. You’ll level up and can earn wargear for your character as you face up to 20 waves, each one tougher than the last. Check out the video above for an introduction the the new mode.

The Last Stand coincides with the release of the 1.8 patch, which includes two new maps for multiplayer and a number of bug and balance fixes. Full patch notes can be found here

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  1. Anthony H /

    Gotta say, I’ve been playing a few rounds of this and it’s a great addition to the game. I just hope they will give us a few more heroes and maybe a new map or two for it somewhere down the line.

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