Braid coming to Playstation Network


Playstation 3 owners will son be getting a taste of the platform leaping, time bending, hair ripping adventures of Braid when it is released later this month by Hothead Games on PSN.

Straight from the mind of indie developer Jonathan Blow, Braid is a charming cartoony platformer which hides a devilishly difficult puzzle game. Players will need to master precise jumps and muck about with the flow of time to crack the very tough nut this game hides in.

We’re not just talking about rewinding time here either. You’ll have to speed it up, slow it down and don’t even get us started on the confusion that ensues with parallel realities. At times, it’s on par with going back in time and accidentally killing your father so that you never existed, meaning you could not go back in time and kill your father, level of confusion.

It’ll be hitting the PSN market in North America on November 12, but us Europeans will hopefully get a release date flung our way in the near future.

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Written by Anthony H

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