Michael Pachter – 2009 a difficult year for gaming

In our interview with Michael Pachter we discussed the idea of a games industry crash, but despite a poor year in terms of sales, Pachter believes things will improve in 2010. He stated “We had a difficult year, primarily due to tough year-over-year comparisons for Wii hardware sales and for music genre sales, and I think both of these correct next year.”

The implication is that as the worlds economy recovers, entertainment and luxury goods sales will pick up again, with sales for both the Wii and music expected to improve.

This is one prediction that most gamers and publishers certainly hope will come true.

Our full interview with Michael Pachter will be published tomorrow.

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Written by Michael J

Michael is a self proclaimed PC gaming fanatic and is equally at home with all genres, bar platformers and puzzle games. Except Bejeweled, he's awesome at that. Seriously, he is totally like second on his Facebook Bejeweled leaderboard. And they said he'd never amount to anything...

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  1. David Macphail /

    I do agree that 2010 will be a good year for gaming but i don’t agree that 2009 wasn’t. This year there have been some very high – quality games released and a lot of games have sold incredibly well, MW2 broke all entertainment sales records so i hardly think the videogames industy is struggling.

    I also don’t agree with his views on the Wii. We all expected the Wii to peak and then slowly fade out of the picture. It’s been happening in Japan for the last year or so and it was only a matter of time before it started to decline in the US/EU. I don’t think the Wii will sell any better next year, in fact, it may decline again.

    It remains to be seen what kind of an impact Sony and Microsoft’s motion technology will have on the industry but with the quality of games coming out next year alone i think the industry will be fine.

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