GTA 4 DLC Headed to PS3 and PC

With the inevitability of night following day, MCV reports that the Xbox 360 ‘exclusive’ Grand Theft Auto 4 DLC has been confirmed for PS3 and PC.

Both episodes of Episodes From Liberty City will be available for download on PSN and Windows Live on March 30th in the US, and it’s expected that the retail disc will appear in stores at the same time. There is currently no official EU date, though both formats are 100% region free.

Microsoft were surely aware that the episodes were only timed exclusives, and not even for very long. Exclusive GTA content is valuable even if it’s only temporary; but was that limited exclusivity worth the reported $50 million Microsoft paid for it?

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Written by Luke K

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  1. KrazyFace /

    Well, MS are always being pulled into the court for bad business practice, and I’d hardly say Rockstar have gone against their word on this as it was a timed exclusive. Was it worth 50 Mil? Probably not, I’d say that this has come around for PC and PS3 at about the right time for me to go back to Liberty city, it’s been a while after all.

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