Nintendo Profits Fall 9.4%

The Wii and DS have completely flattened the competition, making Nintendo seem unassailable. Executives within the company may well be shifting in their swan feather – stuffed swivelling chairs uneasily now however, as they have recently had to admit a fall in profits of almost 10%.

Net profit for the company was down 9.4% between April and December last year, to ‘only’ £1.3bn. Were it not for the healthy profit Nintendo makes on hardware sales, things could have been much worse.

Inevitably, this has led to declarations that Nintendo must bring out a new console before the company implodes. Analyst Yuki Nakayasu was quoted as saying: “Nintendo had better come out with a new console or else it may lose its position”.

Spotted on the BBC.

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Written by Luke K

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  1. A new system for Nintendo is a must at this point I think, but how likely? The DSi was a weak upgrade on the DS, let’s hope the Wii update whatever it is not be so, I hate to say it, kiddy!!!

    I love the pic; if you got rid of the mullet and duck tales poster, it could be me in the 80’s.

    • KrazyFace /

      That pic is ACE! Remember that word? ACE!

      I think if Ninty focused more on quality for their Wii rather than quantity, they’d be in a much better position. Ironically, in the day of that there picture, Nintendo had a ‘Seal of Quality’ on it’s games.


  2. KrazyFace /

    Sorry to double post here, but I just gotta say; it looks like he’s going “hey, my thumb has a blister!”

    Does anyone else remember getting ‘Nintendo Thumbs’?

  3. Yes, Nintendo thumbs. I also remember huge chunks of skin missing from the inner part of my trigger finger from playing House of the Dead games.

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