LittleBigPlanet 2 gameplay details unearthed

Despite telling us that LittleBigPlanet 2 was not on their mind last November, it turns out that Media Molecule is in fact working on a sequel to the crazy custom content fuelled platform game, according to the latest issue of US games mag Game Informer.

It seems that this time round, the focus is not on creating levels to throw Sackboy about in, but instead, making entire games. LBP2 will give the user tools to create games for a variety of genres, including shooters, racers and puzzle games. One of the dev team has even created a Command & Conquer clone to show this off.

Apparently you will also be able to string levels together and even create your own cutscenes with different camera angles and voiceovers, really hammering home the point that this is a full on game editor that will be accessible to the masses.

One of the more exciting mechanics included in the level editor are the ‘direct control seats’ which can be attached to objects in game. What these little gadgets do is allow you to set controls for an object, meaning you can really go all out to completely customise how a game you create is played. An example given was being able to assign the acceleration and reverse controls of a makeshift car to the tilt of a SixAxis controller.

You can also put a direct control seat on Sackboy, meaning you can completely tailor the way you control him, really giving you the freedom to make any game you want. Custom content was always the focus of LBP, and it looks like it has been taken to the next level in the sequel.

Enemies can also be made smarter this time with AI that can be tweaked. They can also be given personal traits such as a fear of heights, and even assigned weak spots that you will need to exploit to beat them.

The original has been supported by a fair bit of DLC since its release, and if you have invested in some of it yourself then you have no need to worry about losing it all if you move on to the sequel. All LBP1 DLC will be compatible with LBP2, including costumes and content packs.

It looks like LittleBigPlanet 2 will have more new features to look forward to than grains of sand on an admittedly small beach. This is sounding really, really cool.

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    Booyah! Love this game, never laughed so hard in any game as I have this. Can’t wait for this – I’ve already watched the debut trailer a dozen times already. Music will once again be funkily cool..

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