EA Louse – An insiders view on EA’s mismanagement?

The last couple of days have not been good for EA (except for beating down copyright bully Tim Langdell in court), stock prices in the company plummeted after a generally poor critical reception for the latest in the Medal of Honor series. Now an insider purporting to be an employee of EA Mythic has let loose with both barrels a full blown rant on some of the internal issues allegedly plaguing the publishing giant. Whilst most of the bile vented is aimed at the managers at Mythic, EA Louse has some choice words to say about Bioware too and the highly anticipated Star Wars – The Old Republic MMO.

We here at Critical Gamer have no way of telling if claims made within the blog are true especially as it comes from an unverified anonymous source, but industry insiders using the internet to vent their frustration is not a new phenomenon, with EA Spouse and a controversy at Rockstar San Diego earlier this year making headlines. But you’ll have to decide for yourself if you believe what the author is saying.

We’ve highlighted a few choice phrases from the blog below, to read the whole article head here

Warning! Strong Language below:

So what do they all have in common? All of them failed, badly, in Warhammer, and each of them is in a position of authority in the new company, while the rest of us are facing pink slips. How do they sleep at night? They spin aruond, blame everything on Mark, divide his old salary between them, and never speak about it again. Oh, and they fuck us little guys as well. “

And Bioware? Don’t make me laugh. They’ve spent more money making the Old Republic than James Cameron spent on Avatar. Shit you not. More than $ 300 million! Can you believe that?

And you know what they’re most proud of? This is the kicker. They are most proud of the sound. No seriously. Something like a 20Gig installation, and most of it is voiceover work. That’s the best they have. The rest of the game is a joke. EA knows it and so does George Lucas,they’re panicking , and so most of Mythic has already been cannibalized to work in Austin on it because they can’t keep pushing back launch.

Old Republic will be one of the greatest failures in the history of MMOs from EA. Probably at the level of the Sims Online. We all know it too ……”

Strong words indeed, what do you think readers? An anti-EA gamer stirring the brown stuff, or a genuine disgruntled employee? Let us know in the comments below.

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  1. myt3m0w53 /

    it probably is a Bioware/mythic employee… EA has done some shady things in the past.

    facebook has been spammed with TOR soundtracks for a while now, and them mentioning F2P as a future MMO model lends more credit to EA Louse… the blog isnt there anymore

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