Deathsmiles Deluxe version coming to PAL

Deathsmiles may sound like something Londoners exchange with each other every morning on the underground, but it is also the title of a side scrolling shooter that Rising Star Games is bringing a deluxe version of to PAL territories exclusively.

Deathsmiles Deluxe will feature the complete version of the game including the Mega Black Label DLC, a desktop accessory pack and the original soundtrack.

The three different game modes on offer are the original arcade game, an Xbox 360 arcade conversion and version 1.1, which has been designed specifically for the Xbox 360. There’s also a co-op game mode that supports local play and shenanigans over Xbox Live.

“The Deluxe edition is completely exclusive to PAL.” said Martin Defries, managing director of Rising Star Games. “Different versions have been released in the US and Asia but Rising Star Games has managed to secure a unique version, the ultimate Deathsmiles experience.”

Expect to see Deathsmiles Deluxe on Xbox 360 in early 2011, courtesy of Rising Star Games.

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Written by Anthony H

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