Angry Bird plushies coming to the UK

Have you enjoyed hurting pigs in Angry Birds and always hoped for the opportunity to weaponise winged sky dwellers for the fight against swine in reality? If so, a trip to the loony hole escorted by men in white coats might be the best suitable action, but the next best thing will soon be available – plush Angry Bird toys.

Whether you want to fling them at valuable livestock, vulnerable house pets or even hold onto them as a cool desk ornament, a toy line of the slightly miffed smartphone game stars will be coming to the UK next month.

They come in four different calibres for all of your ballistic bird needs, starting with a pigophobic backpack clip to geek up your favourite portable container. Also available are four and five inch plush birds with sounds, as well as a larger eight inch variety without a voice box.

The estimated retail price for these things starts at £3.99 for the back pack clips and then stretches through the money rainbow to £9.99 for the biggun. Expect to hunt for them in shops in late February.

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Written by Anthony H

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