Portal 2 trailer sells fancy, functional footwear

Looking at the nature of Portal 2’s mysterious long fall boots, the fourth and final investment opportunity trailer for the game is now up for your quantum space hole loving pleasure.

The springy heeled footwear that was first debuted in Portal allows the user to fall fairly incredible distances without injury, as long as you are not the kind of person who would be prone to black outs after a 500 metre fall and a sudden stop.

This trailer is more unique than the others as it features test subjects rather than squabbling robot buddies. The main character featured looks like it might be series protagonist Chell, wearing a white Aperture Science tank top and a slightly unravelled orange jump suit.

No doubt by the time this is up there will have been many hidden messages decoded from brief stills captured from the trailer that have something to do with Valve’s mental ARG that is tormenting anyone who has both ears to the Internet.

The other investment opportunity Portal 2 trailers, should you have missed them, are available from Valve’s official YouTube channel.

Not long to go now before you can reach into your nearest retail hole and pick up a copy of Portal 2 on Xbox 360, PC or PS3 on April 21. Alternatively you can order it over Steam (which has just started pre-loading the game) for access three days before it hits the shops.

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