You there, under the rock. There’s a new Steam sale

Just a reminder to those who shun the digital distribution super giant Steam; their Summer Camp Sale is in full swing now, with the day five deals including Fallout: New Vegas for £9, Trine for £1.70, Singularity for £5 and whole host of other titles at reduced prices.

Act fast though because the titles refresh everyday at 6pm UK time. That’s when another set of great deals wheels itself in. There will be a new set of tempting deals every day until July 10 when the sale ends.

If you like taking time over your deals and feel that a whole 24 hours is still pushing things a little hastily then you can sit and contemplate over the various bundle deals that are available all through the sale. For example, there’s the 2K pack of 44 games including Borderlands, Civilisation V, Duke Nukem Forever and Mafia II for just shy of £60. That’s 81 percent off. There are other similar deals from publishers such as Valve, Rockstar, Square Enix and THQ.

To top it all off there is a collection of summer camp activities in the guise of game achievements dotted around several of the sale games. Each achievement you nail earns you a prize ticket. Get three tickets and you can then redeem them against prizes in a specially setup DLC store. Each ticket also enters you into a prize draw to win the top ten games on your Steam wish list at the end of the sale.

A lot of the sale items so far have been indie classics for less than a pint, or in some cases, less than a coffee shop franchise cup of ground beans and hot water. If you’re up for a spot of cheap gaming, or fancy checking out some titles that you might have skipped in the last year or so, you can check it out here.

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Written by Anthony H

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