Gremlin Graphics reborn

Gremlin Graphics, the British home computer software developers of the 1980’s and 90’s, are to be resurrected under the name Gremlin Presents (Source: Eurogamer), with several new titles being readied for the iOS platform. The first game being a remake of the well received 1985 classic, Bounder, called Bounder’s World.

Monty Mole, one of the best loved gaming characters of the 80's will be hitting iOS devices shortly

Talks are currently ongoing about a new Monty Mole game for iOS with original creator Peter Harrap, and other franchises from the stable like Jack the Nipper, Zool, Thing on a Spring and Premier Manager are on the list to make a comeback. It’s great news seeing such an old name in UK gaming lore making a comeback, and we’re looking forward to seeing what Gremlin Presents produces, with such a great back catalogue of franchises to revisit.

Who could forget the sugar coated world of Zool?



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Written by Kevin M

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