“There won’t be a Joe Danger 3″ say Hello Games

Joe Danger fans (us included) were excited to hear that Hello Games’ second title was a sequel, and one that promises to avoid simply repeating what we already have in the first game. Speaking to Critical Gamer at this year’s Eurogamer Expo, however, Sean Murray explained that Joe Danger: The Movie will definitely be the final Joe Danger game.

“It’s not that we don’t love the game,” he explained “but we’ve got to make this decision. The game that we’re doing now, we have to say ‘there won’t be a Joe Danger 3′. Because otherwise we’ll start holding stuff back. Companies I used to work with always used to do that, they’d say ‘Oh, that’ll be for DLC’ or ‘that’ll be for the sequel’. So we’ve all said ‘we won’t do another one’. We thought people would much rather see us do something new. […] Next time, I’d like to see us focus on something much bigger than what we’ve done previously, and not be ‘the Joe Danger studio’.”

How do they feel about not getting the first game on Steam? Why did publishers refuse to sign it? Which unlikely platform was suggested by many for Joe Danger? Most importantly of all, was it intentional to make Joe look like a young Bruce Forsyth?? All this and more in the full interview, coming tomorrow here at Critical Gamer.

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Written by Luke K

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