GAME accidentally announces two EA titles which surprise nobody

Hold on to your hats of shock and surprise, people – we have a instance where not just one, but two games have been revealed to the public before the publisher was prepared to announce them itself. The publisher in question was EA; so what are we looking at, FIFA 13 and Need For Speed: The Stupid Subtitle? Very nearly.

In a tweet which has since been deleted (but, amusingly, Eurogamer still choose to link to), British retailer GAME wrote: “EA presentation was great. Had mentions of a new Medal of Honour and Need for Speed 13! EA have an exciting year ahead.”. We’ll go ahead and stick our proverbial collective neck out and, with no rapidly withdrawn tweet of our own, nonetheless declare that FIFA 13 is to be announced and released this year too.

A new Need For Speed hitting shelves within twelve months of the last one should surprise precisely nobody. A new Medal of Honor (look, they go with the American spelling, okay?) isn’t really much more of a shock either; not only was a sequel hinted at in a leaflet included in copies of Battlefield 3, but the game had already been confirmed almost a year ago. Still, it’s always nice to laugh at GAME (who recently admitted running into serious financial trouble), isn’t it?

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Written by Luke K

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    very funny! Game restructuring in 2012 is yet to be confirmed but seems like a good bet too.

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