Crysis 3 gets action packed debut trailer

We hope you like montages made from two second clips of intense gameplay action, or EA does at least as the debut trailer for Crysis 3 is made up of exactly that.

There’s plenty of action featuring the new bow weapon as well as pot shots taken with the series favourite SCAR and some sort of shoulder mounted alien machine gun.

Crytek’s latest Crysis game features Prophet nanosuited up and returning to New York City, which has been encased in a giant dome and overrun with jungle-like terrain. To make things even better alien antagonists, the Ceph, are running wild and need to be stopped. Prohpet makes his intentions very clear: “Hunt them all down and take back the city”.

Crysis 3 will be uncloaking in shops sometime next year on Xbox 360, PS3 and PC. EA accidentally revealed the box art to the game earlier this month leading to plenty of speculation about the game prior to its official announcement last week.

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Written by Anthony H

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