Are you a moron with too much money? Then pre-order this Black Ops II headset for £300!


There are many wonderful things to buy in the UK with £300. You could buy three thousand Flumps (though it wouldn’t be a good idea to eat them all in one day). Alternatively, you could fill a trolley with three hundred items in you local Poundland; you could buy about sixty mice; hire a bouncy castle for five days; or hire a bouncy castle for three days, buy twenty two mice to put in it, and get a basket full of food and drink from Poundland to scoff as you watch twenty two mice despair at the ingenious cruelty of the human race. All things considered, spending £300 on a headset is only marginally more reasonable.

The stupidly named “Ear Force Tango” is an officially licensed Call of Duty: Black Ops II headset from Turtle Beach. Wireless headphones with a microphone – but that’s not all! “Voice morphing”, 2.4/5GHZ dual-band wi-fi, rechargable battery, Dolby Digital 5.1, and so on and so forth. It’s very much designed with Black Ops II in mind, as Treyarch have provided special audio presets to “optimize the game experience”. They’ve even had voice actors from the game record notifications, meaning that – disturbingly – this headset will talk to you.

Amusingly, small print on the product page warns that “features are subject to change without notice”. Mind you, if you’re prepared to spend £300 on one headset (though admittedly, you’d get a penny change) and find that all you get on release is a bluetooth earpiece with “Black Ops II” scrawled on it in felt tip, you’ll find little sympathy here.

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Written by Luke K

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  1. I don’t own the headset, but calling people ‘morons’ because they want them?

    Perhaps if you do NOT try to sound like an ass you will get more responses.

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