New Terraria console trailer flaunts exclusive content (and Nintendo tease realistic trousers)

The big news today may be Nintendo’s Wii U Direct broadcast – specifically, of course, the promise of painstakingly created realistic leather trousers – but did you know that the above is a new trailer for a console port of a game that has already sold over one and a half million copies on PC?

This retro-graphiced 2D Minecraft-style platform RPG…um… just watch the trailer, and maybe check out the official website too. As you can see, the independently developed Terraria – which was the best-selling game on Steam for six days after going on sale – will feature some console-exclusive content when it hits PSN and XBLA such as a new end-game boss, both online and offline multiplayer, and, er, a new tutorial. It’s an intriguing prospect that’s already been well received by the PC community, and console owners will be able to see what all the fuss is about (and then some) at the end of February.

Oh okay, we shouldn’t really be the odd ones out by not reporting any Nintendo Direct news today. Here’s the video where you’re reassured of one developer’s dedication to producing the most realistic leather trousers you’ve ever seen:

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