LocoCycle rides onto the Xbox One Launch

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So, Twisted Pixel have announced that their upcoming game LocoCycle, is going to be an Xbox One launch title. The announcement comes via their Facebook account, that has just changed the above image to their cover photo, then announced it all official-like on their website via this post.

Now, with it coming to both the 360 and the One it means you can choose which version you want to buy, mind you the One version is being touted as the more powerful and visually impressive of the two.

But, as this is a digital game and XBLA games are supposedly not crossing over to the new box, does that mean that if we want to play the same game on the new system, we will have to buy it twice over? Here’s hoping that they start a Cross-Buy promotion in the same vein as Sony for their PSN games but it’s Microsoft’s call in the end, so don’t get your hopes up.

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