The real e3 has yet to be released

That’s right, the most important e3 has yet to be released. Picross e3 is headed to the 3DS eshop. Unfortunately it only has a 12th of June release for Japan, which is perhaps just a little disappointing, but considering the lack of dialogue or anything particularly awkward to translate it should make the cross to European and US eshops relatively quickly. To give it some context, e2 took just under a month to be released here after Japan got it.

Siliconera unearthed this and they also found that there is a new game mode; “Mega Picross” mode which has hints spanning multiple rows or columns, which should more than satiate the appetite of anyone who tore through the past two installments.

If you don’t know what Picross is then, well, shame on you! It’s a grid based number puzzle game that slowly composes an image as it it completed (only if you do it right though). It is quite frankly, an incredibly fun puzzle game and it’s addictive to boot. There is already Picross e and e2 available on the eshop so if you haven’t already got it, go get it!


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