Gioteck announces gaming chairs & more at E3

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Gioteck (yes, the same Gioteck that Grumpy Gurevitz now works for) has used the E3 buzz to announce a range of new products. Yes, of course we’re shamelessly – though openly – helping promote products produced by the employers of one of our writers; but some of this stuff looks undeniably cool.

In what is a first for Gioteck (so far as we’re aware) the company has revealed two gaming chairs, with the word ‘ergonomic’ being thrown around with predictable gusto. The first is their RC-1 Beanbag Chair. Launching “Summer 2013” for £49.99-£59.99, the chair with built-in speakers is listed as compatible with 360, PS3, PC, and even TVs and most MP3 players. It even has a racing pinstripe to help you…er…sit down really fast.

RC-5. “Sexy and I know it.”

Their second chair is the achingly cool-looking RC-5. With 2.1 sound (as opposed to the RC-1’s 2.0) and a “rumble subwoofer”, you probably won’t have to turn the volume up too high before you’re unable to hear the neighbours hammering on your door. This Enterprise-esque seat is even foldable (though not by much we’re guessing). It’s due to launch some time in the Autumn for a fairly hefty £149.99, but it might just turn out to be worth it. Look at that thing!

The EX-07.

Next we have the EX-07 headset. This headpiece looks more than a tad futuristic, like the sort of thing a space-age supersoldier would use to communicate with HQ (or possibly suffer hideous torture from when captured by a multi-tentacled alien race). Also launching in Autumn – and also not cheap, with a £129.99 SRP – the EX-07 offers not only three sound settings, but is compatible with the extremely fancy-sounding wireless Dolby 7.1 Surround Sound.

Probably not intended for Flower.

Finally we’d like to introduce Gioteck’s RK-1 Arcade Controller for 360, PS3 and PC (as well as various mobile devices). While “easy-to-reach action buttons” are always more desirable than difficult to reach ones, and the promises of durability and fast response times bode well, what we really want to concentrate on is the fact that the press release promises that the version compatible with tablets and smartphones will also be compatible with MP3 players (?). Another Autumn product, there’s not yet any pricing information for the RK-1. Nonetheless, if you’re looking for an arcade stick for your MP3 player, this is certainly the only one we’re aware of.

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