Bringing Harmony to Endless Space

Endless Space is a 4x game revolving around taking over a galaxy by any means necessary. After a successful development and launch using their Games2Gether program (community input on what they want to see as the next feature in the game), they now have their first expansion.

Endless Space: Disharmony will bring a new faction, The Harmony (click for a look at Amplitudes guide to the Harmony), to the game. They have a very distinct play style that goes against many mechanics that other races either thrive or suffer from. The currency “Dust” is not used at all, and instead their goal is to purify all sources of Dust they find. It turns the game on its head in many ways, as you will no longer be able to buyout improvements or hire heroes, making everything slow to build in a bind or leaving you a little lacking in power early on.

If the new faction isn’t enough to whet your appetite, the new Invasion and combat mechanics that they are bringing in should. There are sparse details on how much they have been improved but if Amplitude are happy with the results, then it should be good. The details so far make it sound at very least, slightly more tactical and has more going on in general thanks to the introduction of Fighters and Bombers.

Set to release on June 26th, the expansion will bring multiple improvements alongside the new faction. If you like 4X games it’s easy to recommend, you can pick it up on Steam, while Disharmony will warp in at around the $10/10€ mark.


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