Dial M M for Miami Murder

So Hotline Miami released last year and it wowed quite a few people, it’s easy to get turned off due to excessive violence at first but just seeing the gameplay trailers doesn’t quite do it justice. Seeing it in action, and realising how much tactical thinking goes into each level playthrough, can let you see it as an ultraviolet puzzle game.

More importantly Hotline Miami 2: Wrong Number has been announced. Following multiple characters from factions spawned from the events of the original game. Each of the characters have their own intertwining storylines and fighting styles, and if the first game is any measure of this then it will be very good.

Dennaton Games have already proved that they can make a great game and the trailer below sure does look tantalising. It is only revealed for PC, MAc and Linux at the moment but hopefully other platforms will follow. If you haven’t already played the first one, go do so, you can get it on PC via the usual digital methods or if you’re patient you can grab it on PS3/Vita sometime soonish… well hopefully. 

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