Microsoft Re-rights Their DRM

Rumblings began as Giant Bomb’s Patrick Kleppek reported that sources indicated to him that Microsoft would reversing be the Xbox One’s DRM policies that had so crippled them from a public relations standpoint at 2013’s E3. A crashed website and stampede of tweets later, Patrick’s prescient reporting was confirmed by Microsoft releasing a statement of their own.

Though you can read the article for details, in short it’s looking like the 24-hour online check-in will be removed entirely, along with any restrictions on used games and region locking. It’s worth noting that an internet connection is required to initially set up your console, so Microsoft certainly hasn’t been able to address every issue with a single press release. Nevertheless, moving a behemoth like Microsoft to take such a massive change so quickly is anything but easy; but whether it was Sony’s aggressive policies and attacks, the hurricane of consumer outcry, or most likely a combination of these factors and more, it happened. That’s huge, and yet another testament to how crazy just about everything is right now.

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Written by Bryan K

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