Sparking your imagination

You may remember Project Spark from Microsoft’s E3 conference. It was one of the few colourful games that they showed off, and also happens to be the only one about making your own games.

It now has an open beta that you can apply for, and as it is available on PC, Windows 8 tablet, Xbox 360 and (eventually) the Xbox One, if it sounds like your schtick then go ahead and apply. You need only give them your email address and tick the privacy policy box, before you can sit around until you get an answer… or none at all, which is probably more likely.

It looks as though it could have huge potential, in the same vein as Garry’s Mod or Little Big Planet but it could also go the way of EA’s Create, which came and went without fanfare. Hopefully this’ll do well if only because it looks like there is some fun to be had in the premade elements.


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Written by Sean P

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