Currys Treasure Hunt – Answers Revealed

While all good things must come to an end; competitions are just one of these good things that you’d rather have end as soon as possible, so that you know whether you’ve won or not. In this particular case we as a site were part of the treasure trail, us being one of the sites to visit in order to pick up treasure.

It has now reached its conclusion however and if your name is Matt Thompson, then congratulations on winning that Sony Smart TV (like the one below)! Unless of course, you are a different Matt Thompson, one that didn’t actually win a TV, in which case, keep your chin up and better luck next time.

With there being 26 questions and 26 sites as answers for the trail, chances are you would like to know the answers to those which stumped you. You can check all the answers to them over here on the competition reveal page to set your minds at ease.

For a few statistics sake, almost 1,000 people got involved in the hunt and 655 people came here and found the treasure. Surely all 655 of you are no longer passers by, and are not avid readers, hungering for any morsel of information, reviews, previews or features we post.

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Written by Sean P

I enjoy playing games and I enjoy writing things, so I decided to combine the two. I do bits here and there and have a twitter that mainly just announces things I've done as my life revolves around very little that is truly interesting.

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