GOG darn it! A charity sale!

Y’all like good old games right? Not your thing you say? What about good new games? Well, whatever time period you like your games from there should be something to your taste in the new charity sale on GOG.com.

In partnership with Gaming For Good (which have other gaming initiatives), WWF and Worldbuilders, a sale is in full swing. You get to pick from 10 games to build into a bundle; with a minimum of 3 games for $5 and increasing incrementally in price for each extra game you include. Also, 100% of the proceeds will be going to your chosen charity, so don’t worry about choosing to spend more money than the minimum.

There’s mostly new-ish games but a few classics hidden amongst. Here’s the list and it’s hard not to like the list, though some are more niche than others:

FTL: Faster than Light – Roguelike with spaceships: you will die over and over again but you will enjoy every minute of it, again and again and again…

The Whispered World – Point and Click with a sad clown: brilliantly animated with some nice puzzles but the sense of humour revolves around a depressed clown; funny but in a dark way.

PID – Physics based puzzle platformer: very physics heavy with regards to the puzzles and quite charming with its strange aesthetic and music.

Creatures Village – Creature simulator: you get games like this when you want to rear your own creatures and see how they run with your interactions. Always fun to see how they develop depending on differing circumstances.

Waking Mars – Exploration and ecosystems: you get to explore Mars as its inhabitants evolve and adapt to the what you do around them. If you like exploring and puzzles you can’t really go wrong here.

Botanicula – Point and Click with insectoid creatures: bizarre and engaging, almost everything on screen does something interesting and it draws you into its world, making you want to click everywhere on screen before progressing.

Incredipede – More physics puzzles!: this time you make the character fit your needs. Growing extra arms and legs, you can create the most amazing or the most horrific aberrations out of the Incredipede; just so long as you complete the puzzles with your creation it doesn’t matter how it looks.

Driftmoon – A light-hearted RPG: boasting a fair amount of content to sink your teeth into, you’ve got adventure, puzzles and combat to enjoy. The screenshots don’t really do it justice so look at a lets play or two if you’re on the fence.

Darwinia – Strategy through influence: being unable to directly control your units might sound hard but get used to it and watch the Darwinians fight for survival. Then maybe get Multiwinia afterwards.

Oddworld: Abe’s Oddysee – Abe, what else do we need to say: if you don’t know, Abe’s Oddysee is a stellar and challenging platform game where Abe escapes from his place of work after discovering his people were going to become the next food product. One of those games that is defined in gaming history; though it is getting more than just a new lick of paint in Abes Oddysee New N’ Tasty, coming sometime in the future.

A pretty humble selection of games, each one has its own appeal. You have to choose at least three but they’re all equally worth picking up at the low price; even more so as it goes towards a worthy charity. The closest thing to a downside is that you can’t split the money between all three but you can always buy more games through different charities.

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