Game Music festivities begin

Beeps and boops have come a long way since the beeps and boops of the 70’s, now we have modern beeps and boops that end up creating glorious music and easy listening for videogame soundtracks. You might have heard of the Game Music Bundle before which has just started its sixth bundle which contains a few soundtracks from various indie games from the past couple of years but most are from the last year and a half. Oh – and it’s kinda their anniversary so their celebrating with a big ol’ Festival.

Running from today until Cyber Monday over here, you can access a wealth of content; ranging from interviews with musicians, guest appearances and exclusive new album releases. Each hour it’ll be updated with new content so you’d best start early otherwise you’ll have a backlog to get through. With names like Grant Kirkhope (composer formerly of Rare), Taylor Davis (violin covers of videogame music) and Smooth McGroove (YouTube A cappella sensation); there’s sure to be a tonne of good reading material/listening.

The Game Music Bundle in itself is also pretty damn good; with a pay what you want model for the first five soundtracks; starting at a minimum of $5 and a great selection of albums are up for grabs for anything upwards of $20. It also heralds first official release of the entire Braid soundtrack – as if you needed any more convincing. You can catch the bundle here so pick it up while it’s hot.

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