If you want a videogame soundtrack from the Trasformers: The Movie composer, you’re in luck

Christmas Adventure Cover

Attention eighties fans! Hold on to your sitcoms. Vince DiCola, the composer behind the Transformers: The Movie and Rocky IV scores, is just about ready to unleash his first videogame soundtrack. Due to be published by cheeky new upstarts Scarlet Moon Records, the soundtrack to indie game Saturday Morning RPG was co-composed with Kenny Meriedeth.

To celebrate this Hofftastic occasion, Scarlet Moon have released DiCola’s “Christmas Adventure” as a single. An epic medley with nods to several traditional Christmas tunes it sounds, appropriately enough, like it could easily be played over the opening credits of an eighties Christmas movie. Probably one set in New York, about a young boy called Sam who teaches a grumpy old man The True Meaning Of Christmas; with the help of a golden retriever called Buddy and his owner, a homeless man called Rex (played by Mario Van Peebles). Anyway, it is quite possibly the most Christmassy thing you will hear all year, guaranteed to get you in the Christmas spirit within seconds. Well worth the $1.29.

The game itself sounds promising too. An episodic RPG in the vein of Saturday morning cartoons, it’s about an average (of course) high-school student who is given “an incredible power”, and as a result attracts the unwanted attentions of the evil Commander Hood. Exactly what that power is isn’t mentioned in the press release. Perhaps he can eat a whole plate of doughnuts without licking the sugar from his lips? In any case, that vague description alone – combined with the art at the top of the page – implies that this is a game which will grab you by the throat and scream EIGHTIES!!!! in your face until you empty three cans of hairspray into your hair, demand that saxophones play whenever you run, and buy the most garish wallpaper that you can find. Which can only be a good thing.

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