From Blacklight to Daylight

Zombie Studios – known for its totally not scary game Blacklight: Retribution – announced that they were making the totally scary game, Daylight, a little while back. It looks to be an almost polar opposite to their previous works as it won’t be full of shooty shooty bang bang and more slow-paced aaaaAAHHHH! It’s PC and PS4 only so far with Atlus publishing the latter version, so we’ll have to see how and if it makes the jump to any other platforms; after all, the holding up of the phone looks a little like holding up a Wii U gamepad.

They have released some interesting screenshots (as seen below) as well as story information which interestingly enough is penned by Jessica Chobot of IGN fame; who is a massive fan of horror games in their more pure form.

The gist of the plot is that a tourist Steamboat caught fire, sank and killed 1000 people in 1939. Those bodies were then transferred to a nearby hospital which was used as a makeshift morgue and ended its run in the line of curing people after costs ran too high in 1948. Fast forward to 1983 and a government attempt to renovate the hospital ends with contractors ending renovations with suspicious excavations remaining with 12 grave sized holes.

Fast forward yet again to the present day and you are left with the main character, Sarah Gwynn, waking up in the Hospital Lobby for an unknown reason. As with all horror games the best way out of a situation like this, is to explore the dark and obviously terrifying environment.

Luckily your phone illuminates the area as well as (currently anyway) acts as a makeshift map, showing areas that you’ve explored. This wouldn’t normally be so important because as the levels are being procedurally generated, things won’t always be the same. In fact, it should mean that each playthrough will have scares and layouts in different places.

It’s probably the most exciting feature of the game. If only for the fact that it adds a level of unpredictability that is reserved for first time playthroughs; something that usually makes horror far less scary on subsequent playthroughs. Either way we’ll have to see how it all pans out, so why not salivate/curl up in terror at the sight of these screenshots?

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