Eightiestastic Saturday Morning RPG soundtrack now available to buy

What do you get if you cross the sound of the eighties with the indie explosion of early 21st Century gaming? The soundtrack to Saturday Morning RPG, that’s what! Vince Dicola is the man behind it – with music from Transformers: The Movie and Rocky IV among his credits – alongside his partner in rhyme Kenny Meriedeth. Okay, the ‘partner in rhyme’ joke would work better if more than one track had vocals, but still.

You’ll also find contributions from Jake “virt” Kaufman, Grant “stermage” Henry, and Dmitry “C-jeff” Zhemkov. The end result is full-on eighties flavoured awesome, that will conjure up rose-tinted images of guitarists with gigantic hair, jeans ripped at the knees, cartoons full of robots and monsters, and monstrous mobile phones. For example, click below to check out ‘Battle Scene’:

If you enjoy the above track then you’re guaranteed to enjoy the rest, which even includes some pieces not included in the game (but which may appear in future instalments). The aforementioned vocal track is “No Risk No Glory”, which is something of a cheesetastic power ballad that slots nicely into the rest of the album. The album is available from your nearest friendly online mp3 vendor, including Loudr, where for $10 (just one cent above the minimum) you get the bonus track ‘Christmas Adventure’ which was previously released as a single. Head over to Bandcamp meanwhile and, while you can’t get yourself some eighties-style vinyl, you can still celebrate 1980s materialism by getting a limited-edition CD (which includes immediate access to the digital version, and mobile access via the Bandcamp app).

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