Videogame music documentary seeks (chord) progression via Kickstarter

Do you like videogames? Do you like music? You do?!??! Then chances are you like videogame music. Now, we’ve got a Kickstarter campaign we’d – no, wait, come back! This one is actually worth backing, and (almost) definitely won’t run off with your money.

The video above says it all really but, basically, the idea is to create a full-length, professionally produced documentary about videogame music and the people who compose – and cover, and make tribute to – it. Although funding is being sought to make it as grand as can be, filming has already begun, and some damn big names are already confirmed as included should full funding be made. These include Grant Kirkhope, Jake “virt” Kaufman (who will also be composing the soundtrack for the film itself), Norihiko Hibino, Danny Barranowsky, Austin Wintory, and a whole bunch more. You can pledge as little as one dollar via the Kickstarter page, but $20 is the minimum to pay for the film itself (that will nab you a digital copy). If you’re feeling generous then higher tiers include things such as a CD, blu ray, t shirt, and other shenanigans.

It actually sounds pretty cool, right? It’s only in recent years that composers in the industry have started getting the widespread recognition that they deserve, and this film will only help to expand that. So take a look at the runaway success of Justin Bieber and One Direction, and throw a few bucks this project’s way to help put the world back in balance!


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Written by Luke K

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