Logitech G910 is “World’s Most Advanced Mechanical Keyboard”

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The latest peripheral to roll out of the Logitech labs is the G910 Orion Spark keyboard, which their engineers are claiming is the most advanced mechanical gaming keyboard in the world. It’s all down to the clever new Romer-G mechanical switches than can achieve a 25% faster actuation than other competing mechanical switch keyboards.

“This keyboard is the culmination of years of ongoing development by our engineering team, incorporating feedback from gamers and eSports athletes to develop a next-generation mechanical key,” said Vincent Tucker, director of Logitech gaming. “Our team was charged with developing a keyboard that truly improves the gaming experience, and Orion Spark delivers.”

As if the lightning fast key stroke response wasn’t enough, Logitech has plenty of other bits and bobs jammed into this futuristic gaming keyboard. For example, the illumination of each key can be individually customized from an impressive palette of 16.8 million colours. We’re sure your favourite shade of blue will be in there. This handy feature allows keys to be grouped by colour, helping players keep track of important keys and commands during even the busiest in-game situations.

The G910 also supports Logitech’s brand new Arx Control app, a clever bit of software that works with the Logitech Gaming Software to deliver information to your Android or iOS device. This opens up a huge amount of potential for second screen gaming, with system stats or vital game information being displayed on your smart screen of choice (that’s sitting snugly on the special shelf built into the G910).

The Arx Control SDK is already in the hands of major game developers, including the likes of Valve who have started exploring possible integrations for Steam.

The G910 Orion Spark is expected to release in Europe at the beginning of November this year, with a suggested RRP of £159.

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