Life Is Strange and Mellow

For the third and final time we will post a Life Is Strange Dev Diary (First and Second Dev Diaries). This time we get the very wordy talk about the lighting, art, script, music, voice actors and how it wants the indie film vibe – which it really does seem to have. The music is one of the main draws for it and it adds to the indie film vibe with its mellow tunes, which aren’t dissimilar in tone to Garden State’s Soundtrack. The songs are hand picked for the game and are yours to peruse through these handy playlists for both Youtube and Spotify.

It’s also worth noting that the lead character is voiced by Ashly Burch who is the voice of Tiny Tina in Borderlands 2. The first part of the five episode game drops tomorrow and the others will release in 6 week intervals.

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Written by Sean P

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