Can’t Buy Me Love But You Can Buy Me Games With Undead Protagonists

Square Enix has a sale for the most holy of business created holidays, Valentines Day. What better way to spend Valentines Day, than wholeheartedly embracing buying things last minute for your significant other or maybe even for yourself. That being said, it is an awfully good deal they have going on though. You can get the Legacy of Kain Collection for a mere £1.99 / €2.49 / A$2.99 which includes four games with Legacy of Kain in the title and it also has a Nosgoth Veterans Pack in there to boot.

Murdered: Soul Suspect also has the same deal on and which we reviewed a while ago and thought it was merely OK. It is only £1.99 but if you can only buy one, then it’s probably better that you buy the one with 5 games in it, but it is your money so invest it as you please.

There is a dating theme to this sale as you can see in the pictures below but the main character in Murdered (Ronan), a big part of who he was, was the fact his wife died and he never stopped loving her and only her; so having a dating profile made for him is in bad taste – especially since he’s only just died.

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