Disney Pixar Rummy: review

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Disney Pixar Rummy is a simple and fun version of the family favourite card game for between two and four players. The game gives you two ways to play; a Junior Version for ages around 4, and a Family Version for ages of 8+ years. Instead of using cards, the game contains a set of chunky plastic tiles. In the box you get four different colours of tiles, which are numbered one to thirteen. The tiles are adorned with various Disney Pixar characters like Joy from Inside Out, Mike from Monsters Inc, and Lightning McQueen from Cars. These are easier to manage than playing cards for children, and are a lot more durable than cards, especially if you have a rampaging four-year-old whose favourite trick is spilling juice over tables!

A lot of Disney Pixar characters are featured, including Joy from the recent Inside Out.

The Junior Version of the game involves turning all the tiles face down on a table, and then each player picks two tiles. The aim of the game is to get two tiles of the same colour, or with the same Disney character on them. Once you have a matching pair you add them to your pile, with the winner being the one with the most tiles collected. It’s a simple but fun game that helps encourage your children to be patient, and increase their observational and memory skills. It only takes 15 minutes or so to play a full game, which helps stop younger children getting bored or losing attention.

The tiles are hard-wearing and well made.

The Family Version of Disney Pixar Rummy is a bit more complex, but is also a lot of fun. Players get a tile holder, and select six cards to put in the holder. It plays much like regular Rummy, with players trying to create matching groups of tiles, as either a family of tiles with the same Disney Pixar character, or a run of tiles with the same colour and numbers that are in numerical order like 2,3,4 etc. If you are unable to play you must draw a tile face down from the main pile. The winner is the player to get rid of all the tiles in their holder first. It plays well, and can get quite tactical as players weigh up whether they’re best to try to complete runs or block opponents by adding to families of Pixar characters. All while anticipating what tiles your opponent has, and what tiles are still to come from the draw deck.

Players can play the game in two ways, with one version aimed at younger players, and a slightly more complex version for older players.

With two different games to play to keep players of all ages happy, and a well made and hard wearing selection of tiles and tile holders that will last a long time (even with a family of ruffians!) Disney Pixar Rummy is a fantastic family version of the classic card game, which is simple and fun to play, and which all the family can enjoy.

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