Typically mental Kirby game compatible with all Amiibo

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You might argue (as many people do) that normality is subjective and therefore, according to its own widely accepted definition, does not exist. Even so, we can all surely agree that the concept of Kirby and the world in which he/she/it exists is certainly not normal. A pink… thing that can inhale its predators and either expel them as weapons, or gain a power of some kind from them (through what one can only presume is some sort of rapid osmosis). The next Kirby game on the horizon – Kirby: Planet Robobot – is not, as you may suspect, going for gritty realism.

It takes place on a world named “Planet Popstar”, for one thing. No bland cover versions and sterilised, autotuned voices here though. In true Kirby fashion, it’s a side-scrolling platformer. But then again, it’s not. But it is. Okay, look; alongside the usual Kirby hijinks of inhaling and vomiting out enemies, and taking on their powers/weapons by consuming them like some sort of demon from the depths of hell, you’ll sometimes get the opportunity to jump into a mech. Yes, a mech! Which can even trigger a side-scrolling shooter section.

This latest game is happy to walk a line of self-awareness, though. Smash Bros is directly referenced, with Kirby having the ability to turn into the Smash version of himself (Kirby canon has him as male, it seems) or Dr Mario (*shrug*) for temporary use of some different abilities. It looks set to embrace the Amiibo phenomenon too, with an inevitable game-and-amiibo bundle option at launch. Scanning an Amiibo will bestow a unique power upon Kirby (such as fire with a Mario, and the aforementioned Smash powers are triggered by scanning a Kirby). Interestingly, “other copy abilities can also be awarded via any currently available Amiibo”.

Kirby: Planet Robobot will be unleashed upon the world for the 3DS on June 10th.

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