Want to get into the games industry? BAFTA can help.

You like playing games, right? Of course you do, else you wouldn’t be reading this. Or maybe you stumbled upon the site by accident one day, and keep coming back simply because you love our witty and insightful copy. If that’s the case, bless your little cotton socks, flattery/sarcasm will get you everywhere. Anyway, to get back on track, maybe you’re interested in making games? There’s more to it than buying a cookie-cutter game generator for a tenner and putting in 45 minutes of work, of course. If you’re well aware of that and still interested, BAFTA may well be able to help you.

BAFTA’s running a series of talks over a long weekend that’s so awesome, it’s even got its own trailer. That’s the video what we put up there, guv. Guru Live starts Saturday 30th April and ends Monday 2nd May, featuring talks from BAFTA winners and nominees from the worlds of games, TV, and the talkies. On the game side of things you have nifty names such as Dan Gray of Monument Valley fame, Adam Hay who did audio work on Everybody’s Gone To The Rapture, and Meg Jayanth, who wrote the critically-acclaimed 80 days.

The biggest draw for some will be Tommy Palm. Mr Palm is co-founder and CEO of Resolution Games, and helped oversee the creation and success of the world-dominating Candy Crush Saga. It’s fair to say that he knows something about making games that people enjoy playing and, as a pleasant side effect, produce shedloads of cash. Despite the talent behind some of the industry’s best-known and best-reviewed games being in attendance, each session has a very reasonable price tag of six pounds for entry. There are also 150 ‘Guru Pro’ tickets available for people with at least six months’ experience in the industry, which includes one-to-ones and roundtables. We don’t know if Mr Palm features in the Guru Pro extras, but we hope so. Imagine being able to say “I’m going to have a one-to-one with Tommy Palm”. Well, you could say that anyway, but ordinarily it would just be a snigger-inducing euphemism.

For full details of the talks available, who’ll be giving them, and of course to book tickets, toddle your virtual self over to guru.bafta.org/live/games.

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