I Did an Eisenhorn: Xenos Preview Video!

Hello! It is I Seán! And I bring you a video!

I previewed Eisenhorn: Xenos the other day and now that i’ve got my PC all rejiggered for an optimal number of frames per second at half decent graphics options I thought i’d take the plunge into the world of video editing. I does feature footage that I recorded myself and also a voice that I recorded myself (me).

I didn’t want to just use my written preview so I wrote a hastily cobbled together script and spoke rather monotonously. Hopefully my next voyage into these now slightly chartered waters will be less robotic. Bye!

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Written by Sean P

I enjoy playing games and I enjoy writing things, so I decided to combine the two. I do bits here and there and have a twitter that mainly just announces things I've done as my life revolves around very little that is truly interesting.

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