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Andrew Wilson hosted the event, EA Play, to make all of EA’s announcements and show off some upcoming games directly to the viewing audience at home via both the event itself and “influencers” and “content creators.” Peter Moore also hosted a similar event in London.

Wilson spoke about how vital games have become to so many of us and that it is EA’s responsibility to help people “Play to Live.” He didn’t actually say what that meant.

Titanfall 2

Vince Zampella took the stage to announce that Titanfall 2 would be coming to the PS4 (as well as PC and Xbox One)! He then showed some multiplayer gameplay footage that showed players using grappling hooks to board their mechs, as well as more of the combat from the original with the addition of abilities such as stealth and gravity bombs. You can grapple someone then kick them in mid air! That’s pretty cool. Zampella promised a more robust experience with six new Titans, each with individual abilities, and a new progression system.

Zampella then announced the previously leaked single player campaign with a trailer highlighting the relationship between a Titan and its new pilot, Jack Cooper. Dragon-like alien enemies will also be introduced. Titan combat looks pretty great, and there appeared to be some dynamic high-adrenaline set pieces. The trailer ends with the Titan throwing its pilot Colossus-style.

Titanfall was given a release date of October 28th.

EA Sports

As sure as the sun continues to rise every morning, this year will see another Madden game. Peter Moore took the stage to talk about it and all the EA Sports games, as well as the rise of eSports.

Several new events will be coming to Madden 17: Challenger events will allow players to create and control tournament, Premier events will be large scale events hosted by EA, and EA Major events will be globally staged events. Highlights of eSports  surrounding EA Sports was then shown; Did you know you can win a championship belt for being the best at Madden? Get training. Be careful though, the previous champion fell over and broke his collar bone while racing his friend, so it may or may not be cursed.

Madden NFL 17 will get a championship series with $1 million of prize money over the course of a year, and similar events for more games will be announced soon.

Mass Effect Andromeda

How far can we go? That’s the central question of Andromeda according to Aaryn Flynn. Andromeda promises to expose players to new planets, aliens, and technologies in a galaxy where the player is the alien! He promised a bigger adventure with a larger cast and more freedom. They’ll be sharing more this Autumn, but a behind-the-scenes video showed a small amount of gameplay featuring space ships, hulking aliens, and new characters. There also appears to be a diverse range of environments across the game’s planets. The video ended with a character awakening, potentially the new main character or someone central to the plot.


Andrew Wilson is back to talk about “Play” again without really expanding on what he means by that, and how EA are patching their games a lot. He presented that as a positive thing, oddly enough. Outer Rim expansion is coming for Star Wars Battlefront, and EA Access will be getting more free games for subscribers.

Play To Give is a new way to play where players completing challenges will result in donations to a variety of charities. Battlefield 4 prompts players to help teammates, for example.


Football is popular right now, and FIFA 17 is the most popular sports game on the planet. Peter Moore introduced a video showing the development of FIFA over the years ending with the introduction of Alex Hunter. He went on a bit about how much he likes playing football and how FIFA 17 lets him make his football dreams come true!

Footage of the game was then shown, highlighting the game’s career mode featuring Alex Hunter himself! Guess he wasn’t a footballer but an actor. There’s a lot of cutscenes so they seem to be going for something cinematic as they tell the dramatic story of Alex Hunter’s rise to football stardom. It actually looks pretty compelling for football fans.

The game will release in September.

Peter Moore made the huge announcement that the Premier League managers will now be in the game, including two people we didn’t recognise and Arsene Wenger. Peter Moore assured us they’re the best, but then Jose Mourinho showed up to disagree with him. We recognise him too, he was in the paper once. He’ll also be in the game.

The game’s producer was present to talk about the actual gameplay. Four big transformations will be coming: set pieces have been rewritten, the physics system has been tweaked, active intelligence systems will be introduced, and new attacking techniques will be implemented. These were inspired by real footballers so it should gain some authenticity.

There’s a man with “Hazard” written on his shirt and we really hope that’s a real guy and that’s his real name. We wish our names were Hazard.

EA Originals

Patrick Soderlund then showed up to talk about last year’s Unraveled reveal and EA’s support of smaller developers. He announced EA Originals, a program about taking first time experiences and bringing them to the world, supporting small developers, and funding in order to offer a level of security to those building a new IP. All the profit will go to the development team.


Zoink Games will be bringing Fe to EA Originals, developed by twenty people in Sweden. It’s a personal narrative about our relationship with nature, and our longing to be one with the world around us. Everything is connected. You play as a young cub in a forest glade on a journey of exploring the language of music between the other animals of the forest. You’ll connect to the forest with these songs.

There will be enemies, too! You will need stealth and cunning to defeat them apparently since you’ll be playing as a more diminutive critter. The game won’t tell you where to go or what to do, simply set the stage for your own personal experience that will leave you scared, amazed, and delighted.

Gameplay was then shown, highlighting the player’s ability to fly, climb, and sing in the monochromatic forest. The art style looks pretty unique and interesting.

Star Wars

Jade Raymond makes her E3 return to talk Star Wars. Teams across the world are making a variety of games for all types of players including DICE, Motive, Bioware, and Capital Games.

Galaxy of Heroes, The Old Republic, and Battlefront will be getting new content all year, and next year will see a new Battlefront from Dice and Motive developed with player feedback in mind. Meanwhile, 2018 will bring a new action adventure game featuring a brand new cast of characters from Visceral games written by Amy Hennig. Respawn will also be bringing a third person action game to the Star Wars universe.

A behind the scenes video was then shown featuring a bunch of the developers across the world working on their games. Lando Calrissian will be coming to Battlefront as well as VR support. Respawn showed motion capture of a lightsaber battle, so it looks like they’ll be working on a Jedi-heavy game in something of a departure from the studio’s shooter roots. The Old Republic will be bringing more stories and more freedom. Visceral hope to tell an authentic Star Wars story grounding new ideas in familiar settings, and it appears the game will feature Tatooine or a Tatooine-like planet, maybe Jakku.

Battlefield 1

Battlefield has sixty million players across the world, and they’ll be brought Battlefield 1 this year with a new and unique take on World War 1, a brief trailer of which showed some CGI battles inside a tank and in the air.

Patrick Bach then took the stage to talk about the dynamic experience Battlefield 1 will bring, stating that no two battles will be the same. Destruction has been improved, allowing you to impact the world to create unique scenarios. Weather will also be more dynamic and impact the environment. Airships will be piloted by players as well as new vehicles.

A full length version of the previous trailer was then shown, this time featuring gameplay of soldiers storming various battlefields from muddy fields to town centres. Vehicles were also highlighted, showing an enormous Zeppelin catch fire and descend upon an unsuspecting battlefield. You can also ride motorcycles and horses. Graphically, the game looks pretty incredible.

Battlefield 1 was given a release date of October 21st with an open beta this summer.

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