New Psycho Pass: Mandatory Happiness trailer is a little tease

Did we already tell you that we’re excited for the English language version of the Psycho Pass game? Yes, yes we did. Shameless slaves to advertising that we are, this new trailer has made us that little bit more excited for reasons that we can’t quite pin down. It starts off with what looks for all the world like a lightning-fast montage of microsecond-long clips from the anime. But then, it seamlessly introduces the new characters exclusive to the game with designs and colouring identical to the TV series. So were those clips from the anime or not? We don’t know. We just want more Psycho Pass!

The game might be absolutely terrible, but the one thing we can say for sure is that we certainly hope it isn’t. And in case you thought that news of the translation was some sort of cruel joke, brief snatches of the English subtitles can be seen in this ‘introduction trailer’. Feast your eyes on lines such as “I went out to lunch”, “Use your batons!”, “will we have to inquire”, and – our personal favourite – “all that’s left to do is to put these gloves on your hands”. We’re being silly of course, but it’s still encouraging to see signs of the translated game taking shape. There’s not really anything here to appeal to those not already enamoured with Psycho Pass, but the rest of us will be squeaking with glee; especially at the reminder that there are choices to be made and multiple endings to be seen.

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