Buzz! developer Relentless are no more

It’s a sad day for both the UK game development scene and quiz game enthusiasts as Relentless Software has shut down, company founder Andrew Eades has told

With a thirteen year history of success built upon the studio’s Buzz! franchise between 2005 to 2010 as well as 2009’s Blue Toad Murder Files, the announcement comes as something of a surprise initially. The last six years were somewhat less successful as none of their releases were able to garner quite as much attention as the hit PlayStation quiz series did; Despite a positive reception, last year’s iOS game The Trace couldn’t gain a foothold on a platform dominated by free-to-play, while their only output in 2012 was an “interactive television programme” exclusively for Microsoft’s seemingly forgotten peripheral in Kinect Nat Geo TV. It appears now that none of these games were able to sustain the company.

As is the case in these situations, all of the studio’s employees were made redundant on Friday when the company shut its doors. We wish them all the best.

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Written by Adam S

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