Tales of Berseria release date & collector’s edition detailed

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It’s not quite one of the oldest RPG series, but it’s certainly one of the best-known and best-loved. Bandai Namco (and before that Namco Bandai, and before that just Namco) have been giving the world Tales Of games for over twenty years. The latest, to be released on PS4 and PC, is Tales of Berseria; and the release date has been announced as January 27th, 2017. As is the thing nowadays, there’ll be a more expensive super-de-dooper edition, too.

If you go for the collector’s edition, you’ll get the game (well you’d bloody hope so), two chibi figures, three metal coins, a soundtrack CD, a paperback art book, a “starter” strategy guide, a metal case (which we think is basically a steelbook), and the collector’s box to put it all in. Not a bad haul, but how much will you have to pay for it? The Tales Of blog only gives the European price of €99; thanks to Brexit, by the time the game releases this will probably translate to about £300.

The collector’s edition is limited to 1500 units (per region rather than worldwide, presumably) so if you want one, best get your pre-order in early just in case. In addition, if even that little lot isn’t quite enough for you, pre-ordering any version of the game from unnamed “select retailers” will nab you a set of six badges for free. Speaking as fans of useless gaming gumpf we’ll never use but nevertheless need, we’re quite tempted by all this.

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