Goodbye NX, hello Nintendo Switch

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Once the home of impenetrable game and hardware development, it seems that Nintendo have finally been cracked. The most popular rumours about the NX – or, rather, Nintendo Switch – have proven to be true. That makes the below trailer no less exciting, though.

Nintendo Switch is a console that connects to the TV via a dock, but can also be taken away and used as a handheld, including the ability to seamlessly continue TV gameplay on the move. The detachable controllers (known as “Joy-Con” controllers)sit either side of the screen, and are reminiscent of the Wii nunchuk & remote setup; though there will be a traditional ‘pro controller’ available, too (presumably included in certain bundles as with the Wii U). The trailer demonstrates that the controllers will work both attached to, and detached from, the screen; and, as with a traditional handheld, multiple Switches can be brought together for wireless multiplayer. We’re a little worried at the apparent extent of the first chap’s addiction to Zelda, though,

Most interesting and teasing of all is the gameplay footage shown. The press release describes it as “representative gameplay”, so it’s unclear just how close it is to existing builds. However, in addition to some shots of the new Zelda, Nintendo just casually included brief footage of a new Super Mario game. We said A NEW SUPER MARIO GAME. Okay, everybody knew it was going to happen, but… cheeky! Equally exciting is footage that all but announces a Splatoon sequel, as well as a quick something that looks suspiciously like Skyrim (Bethesda are among the many publishers to have declared allegiance). Imagine that, a full Bethesda RPG on the move that you could carry on in your living room on the big screen…

Speaking of publishers, an impressive list has been confirmed including Atlas, Sega, Activision, EA, Ubisoft, Telltale Games, Square Enix, From Software (hmm…), Bandai Namco, and more. Now that the biggest rumours have been confirmed, the trailer has raised many more questions than it provides answers; but it’s going to be quite a ride gathering the rest of the information before the machine’s March release.

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