New Shenmue 3 screenshots show the game is still alive

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The release of The Last Guardian was nothing short of a Christmas miracle (the quality of the finally finished product, somewhat less so). The next title due to be dragged kicking and screaming from the land of vapourware is the almost mythical Shenmue 3, with Kickstarter backers receiving a new batch of screenshots of work in progress this morning. One of them seems to feature a small forklift truck in a garden with two cartoon cows, and we’re not quite sure what that’s all about; but it’s nice to see some progress on this long-talked-about title. Along with the screenshots, it was announced that PC pre-orders for the game are now live, with the proceeds going towards the game’s development. Shenmue 3 has already made $6 million, with the next stretch goal being to expand and enhance the game’s battle system.

Production on the game is getting ramped up to full production, as the game is due in December next year. Whether this will actually make its targeted release date is open for debate, but Shenmue daddy Yu Suzuki has assured fans he is doing his utmost, with a message to backers saying:  “I have been absorbed in developing the game and I stay in the studio all night time to time. My life is all about Shenmue day and night”. It’s great to see some progress being made on Shenmue 3 and, whether it makes its release date or not, it’s amazing that the game is being made at all. 

But the most important question of all, of course is: Will it let you go looking for sailors?

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