Seán’s Six Favourite Games of 2016

Christmas is gone, New Year’s morn has come and gone, and we’ve left that shambling horror of 2016 well and truly behind. Now we must be engulfed by the horrific, gaping maw that is 2017.

Happy New Year everyone!

There are always silver linings though; 2016 had some fabulous games in many genres and between the Black Friday sales and Christmas sales their values have been lowered significantly. Anyway, here’s my six (yes, six) favourite games of 2016, that you can play while you wait for death.

Honourable Mentions:

I haven’t played all the big games or all the small ones, however there are a few that I would at least like to mention as there’s just something about them that I can’t stop thinking about.

Battlerite. It’s League of Legends with all the boring slapped out of it and a big dollop of balance.

Battleborn. Despite many, many flaws, felt more engaging to me than every other Hero Shooter that released this year. Sorry Overwatch, it’s me not you.

Forced Showdown. A game that deserves more attention and shame on me for not reviewing it but I did back it on Kickstarter so it’s unethical…maybe?

Total War Warhammer. Please give me Skaven.

Yo-Kai Watch. While working out what does and doesn’t evolve bamboozles me, I really like the way battles work since it does the heavy lifting for me.

Number 6: Picross e7

Picross is simply the best game series of all time. The only people who don’t like it are the ones that don’t understand it. Its simple rules and cute pictures are all that I could possibly want from life. Each time a new one releases you know exactly what you’re getting and it’s always good – except when the background music isn’t great in which case it’s merely very good, like when you forget to put sugar in your cup of Chai tea.

Number 5: Forza Horizon 3

Some people love car games and I mean really love car games. When it showed up at E3 many a loin was stirred, and while my loins remained thoroughly unstirred, I did notice just how gorgeous it is and I’d been looking forward to it ever since that moment.

It’s one of many games that I’ve only scratched the surface of but in the short space of time I’ve had with it so far it’s been nothing short of brilliant. I’ve not seen something this good looking for a while, especially as it’s quite grounded in reality unlike most other games. I may not ever want to go to Australia for fear of all its vicious wildlife and skin-burning heat, but I can at least take in its lush forests and sunset beaches via Forza.

Number 4: Mordheim City of the Damned

I bought this for myself when it went into Early Access on Steam and bounced off it every time I tried to play it. After being asked if I wanted to review it, I finally decided that I could dive into it good and proper. And dive in good and proper I did. For far too many hours I have played this, steadily growing my bunch of uncouth individuals into stronger uncouth individuals.

Number 3: Hyrule Warriors: Legends

I’m a huge fan of Zelda games (even the DS ones), and I love Dynasty Warriors. It’s probably the most polished game in the Warriors franchise and I loved it so much I bought it twice. Once on Wii U and once on 3DS. I’ve put it on hold because, as much as I like it, the new 3DS will allow more enemies on screen at once and it’s kinda looking a bit sparse on the battlefield as it stands.

Even with a lack of visible enemies it still manages to be fun. It also has way more characters than the Wii U version did, and I can take this version on the go. It still suffers from the Warriors pitfalls but there’s literally so much to do in the game that I could probably play just this for about a year without getting through everything. I won’t do that though, there’s too many good games!

Number 2: Warframe

This is sort of a cheat. Warframe has been out for years but when you think about its big updates as expansions, then I can certainly put it on the list. It’s basically a western Warriors game; cut through swathes of enemies whilst completing a mission, rinse and repeat. There’s always a flow of new stuff and there’s always something that I haven’t had the time to get the resources for. I dip into it here and there, and it’s almost always fun or at the very least helps me switch off and forget about this abysmal year.

The updates this year have been full of cool stuff and The War Within has been one of the best things that they’ve ever done. It’s the pinnacle of iterative games, and they’ve never stopped improving the game. Each story update they release somehow manages to top the last one. I’m not sure how many more they can manage like that but I can’t see them ever releasing a truly bad story update.

Number 1: Titanfall 2

It’s brilliant. Grapple hooking someone and kicking them in the face is brilliant, as is throwing a thermite spewing shuriken into another person’s face and all the other face-related injuries you can inflict in Titanfall 2. I love the game to bits; the campaign is the most fun, possibly better than Modern Warfare, and the multiplayer is excellent to boot. I’m also considering knocking Modern Warfare off of my personal Top 10 of Forever list, which is a really difficult decision.

The more I play the multiplayer the more I love it. Above all else I adore the movement in the game, everything is so fluid and when you do lose your speed you know it’s likely your fault. That graceful movement is exactly what makes Modern Warfare so special to me too; when you move it hits you with all the visual and audio cues at just the right moments to make it all feel just right.

Oh, and the shooting is fun too, and the Titans. The more I play, the more I like stuff I initially didn’t like. I’m even quite a fan of Ronin, the Titan with a big ole sword, it’s great for killing punks. I’ll probably get a little bored of it all eventually but I’m still looking forward to replaying bits of the campaign to find those elusive collectibles.

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