Nearly 20% of Brits want to escape reality permanently, survey suggests

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Reality’s a bit… you know… rubbish, isn’t it? Especially lately. That’s why we play videogames, right? So we can act out satisfying, harmless fantasies; being a race car driver, being an international sports superstar, being a detective, being a soldier slaughtering hundreds of strangers, etc. etc. Wouldn’t it be great if you could escape the horrors of 2016 and what little we’ve already endured of 2017 by escaping to another world? Well you can’t – deal with it, you big crybaby! But take some comfort in the knowledge that you’re not alone.

Geekzonia is a “social VR platform” currently running an Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign, and one way the people behind it are seeking to bring attention to their efforts (which we’ve bitten, hey, we can admit it) is by conducting a survey. They even remembered to share the results! They commissioned a survey in which a thousand UK people were asked some VR-related questions, and found that almost a fifth (17%) were so depressed/desperate that they’d prefer to jump ship from reality and live in a virtual world instead.

But why? Well, 22% of respondents apparently stated that Brexit and Trump were the main fires lit under their backsides (and who the heck can blame them). About a third wanted to use this VR opportunity to meet the likes of Superman, The Hulk, and Captain America (slightly worryingly, none of the respondents were under the age of eighteen). Unsurprisingly perhaps, 39% of people said that they’d make themselves look as they do now but better looking. We’d need some seriously powerful hardware to achieve that for ourselves…

While not representative of the whole of the UK of course, it’s interesting to note that 45% of women and 30% of men said that they’d make their virtual selves “taller”, “slimmer”, or “more muscular” than they really are. That’s not very ambitious though, is it? If you’re going to jump into a virtual world and make yourself some sort of Human Plus, surely you’d go for the obvious additions such as laser eyes, flight, invisibility, the power to pull chocolate cake out of thin air, and so on.

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