Skylar & Plux gets a purrfect release date

‘Tis the year 2017 and boy is it looking like a good year for games and practically nothing else on the planet. Why not think back to the days of yesteryear where platformers of all the mixed genres roamed free and ruled their respective roosts. Last year and this year seem to have brought about a resurgence, with puzzle platform-esque, Snake Pass having just released, pure platformer Yooka Laylee coming out in April, and now the gadget platformer Skylar & Plux: Adventure on Clover Island on its way onto PC, Xbox One and PS4 on May 19th 2017 (the best month).

It’s looking rather interesting and it looks very polished visually too. It’s filled with collectathon goodies that magically gravitate to your character, colorful biomes across a large world full of levels to explore, and the chance to smash up Evil CRT screens. In case you aren’t old enough to remember them, CRT screens were pretty awful, so we’re more than happy to see them getting smashed up here. It’s another platformer duo too, with Sklyar being an anthropomorphic cat in a Samus-like suit (only with a huge fist instead of an arm cannon), and what is presumably her comic relief sidekick Plux the owl.

It looks like it could be yet another fun game in what was considered a dead genre only a few years back. It’s also worth checking out the short gameplay walkthrough from last year as it gives a little more insight into how it plays than the above trailer.

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